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The Many Uses of Buses

There are different types of buses such as single-Decker buses, double-Decker buses, and articulated buses. However, the format of buses ranges from country to country and the manufacturer of the buses. A bus is a vehicle that is used on the road and planned to carry many passengers. A bus can have the capacity to carry many passengers depending on the type and format of the bus. A single-Decker bus is the most common in most countries and does not have the capacity such as that of the double-Decker or articulated buses. Double-Decker and articulated buses carry larger loads compared to another type of buses. Buses can either be used for long distance services or short distances. In this case, coaches are used for long distance services such as transportation of passengers from one country to another. The engine of buses has evolved from the past years to the recent years. The first buses were drawn by horses, where steam buses followed, and later electric trolley buses followed. However, in the recent years, interest has grown in hybrid electric buses, compressed natural gas or biodiesel-powered buses, fuel cell buses and electric buses.

Buses can be used for several reasons such public transport, transportation of students from schools and tourism activities. Most public transport buses operate on a public transport timetable that is published and defines the route and the time that is described to operate from. In tourism, buses are used to allow tourists to view scenery such as sightseeing, viewing of wild animals in national and game reserves and enable them to capture memorable moments. Most of the tourist buses are owned by hotels, resorts, safari parks or tourist companies. They are mostly franchised and operated by the companies. Buses can also be used to promote products or services of certain companies. They are primarily used in road shows to advertise these companies' services and products and make people aware of what a company offers.For more facts and information about charter bus, you can go to

can also be used for private charters such that even though one does not own a car can privately hire a car for the time duration agreed or on a contract basis. In private charters, the companies provide qualified bus drivers and the vehicles.

Charter busses chicago can also be used for private reasons such that a corporate company or institution owns the buses to operate and offer transport services within the organization. An example is an airport where Airline Company can own buses to provide transportation to its clients within the airport. However, buses are also used by politicians for campaigns especially during election periods.